Out there in my garden
My Mother standing there
Her softness like the flowers
Her heart of beauty rare

Felt her soul within me
My treasured special gift
Memories of yesterday
Within my eyes exist

Oh this love I'm feeling
That fills me with such peace
This glorious sensation
That gives my heart release

Looking deep within her
A reflection in her stare
I want to go and hold her
To touch her soft brown hair

I look at her so sweetly
She gazes back at me
Hear her softly whisper
You're so beautiful to see

Now I know she's with me
Watching me each day
Thank you for this precious gift
A mother's love will stay.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
©used with permission
Read more of her poetry here.

This poem by Ms. Pucillo, touched me very deeply. My mother passed away on March 10, 2001, and I miss her so very much. I, myself, have not had an encounter with my mother since she passed away, but I have a granddaughter who has. Twice. I have the most darling identical twin granddaughters who had a special bond with their "Nana." Their beloved Nana passed away a month before their 3rd birthday. The day before their birthday, exactly four weeks from the day my mother died, one of the twins, Kailey, saw my mother standing by her backyard gate. She was much too young to understand just what she told us when she said she saw Nana. My daughter and Kailey's twin sister were with Kailey at the time, but neither of them saw anything ... only Kailey could see her. The second "encounter" was when she was sleeping in February, 2002. She was not aware that her Mommy's other Grandma (Nana Gertie) had just passed away a day or so before. Kailey said that while she was sleeping, God pulled her arm because He wanted her to see Nana, Nana Gertie and Squeaky (my cat who had passed away the month before). When my daughter heard this, she asked Kailey if she saw them, and Kailey replied, "Yes Mommy, I saw Nana, Nana Gertie, Squeaky and a whole bunch of other people I didn't know." Even though it was not I who had "The Encounter" with my mother, it is such a joy that Now I know she's with me, Watching me each day, Thank you for this precious gift, A mother's love will stay. Thank you Ms. Pucillo, for allowing me to share this very inspiring poem.


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