Happy Mother's Day

My Mother is the symbol
Of all good and gentle things,
She also is an emblem
Of what Christian love can bring.

Her fingers worked like magic
While she sewed our clothes to wear,
And with ribbons and kid-curlers
Taught us how to do our hair.

Our house was always shining
As she scrubbed and toiled each day,
But you never heard her whining
Or complain in any way.

At mealtime she was hostess
And we were the honored guest,
But that's just like my Mother
Making sure we had the best.

Bedtime meant a kiss and hug
And then she tucked us in,
And after all the lights were out
I'd feel so warm within.

Now I'm grown and far away
With children of my own,
And I respect her more each day
For strength that she has shown.

I know that I'm not like her
This Mother, so refined,
She's done so very much for me
And I'm so proud she's mine.

I pray God's blessings on her
There'll never be another,
So full of grace and goodness
As you, my own dear Mother!

~ author ~
Donna Lilly Marcus
(aka ferby)

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