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Oops!!! It's TWO girls

On April 8, 1998, at 2:27PM, my daughter Stacey gave birth to my very first grandchild. At 2:28PM, she gave birth to my second! I've always told my children I wanted to be a grandma by the time I was 50 ... we made it by 8 days!!! These two little girls are the most precious gifts my daughter could have presented me.

Like every Grandma, I have a ton of pictures, and unlike my Grandma, I also have a computer, a scanner, and a digital camera. So, instead of carrying "Grandma's Brag Book" in my purse (I have one of those too). I'm going to have it here for everyone to see. Or to skip over if you don't want to see.

I updated this page awhile back, it was getting too bulky. I started out with thumbnails of every picture on this one page and it was taking forever to load, even with my cable connection. So, as not to bog down everyone's connection, I've split my page into several pages. And I'll probably add several more as the girls get older. Check back often to watch their progress. Just click on the bottle, pacifier, or rattle to see the pictures in that section.


Birth and more: The first few months of my SweetPeas existence
Grandpa Meets the Twins: Stacey's dad lives 1100 miles away from his only grandchildren and can't just pop in to see them like the other grandparents can. He flew down one week-end to visit with Stacey and his granddaughters.
Growth Chart: Watch the girls grow. These are mostly photos of the "professional" type. You know, the ones all parents get of their children from Sears, WalMart, Olin Mills. Hopefully I can find some pictures to fill in the gaps between the professional sittings.
Holidays: The SweetPea's Holidays
The First Birthday: The first year just flew by. It was hard to believe a whole year had passed when their first birthday was upon us. They were (and are) the most precious little girls. I can't imagine my life without them now. I was lucky to have them here with me, in my (our) home. I was able to watch them grow, laugh, cry, and crawl. They still weren't walking by their first birthday, but that came soon after. It would just make my day when I would walk into the room and they would smile, laugh, or get excited. I just want to share a few of the pictures we took while they were eating their birthday cake. (They weren't real sure what to do with the cake .... their mama waited until their birthday before giving them anything sweeter than fruit.)


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