On March 22, 2003, I got a notice in my mailbox that someone had signed my Guest book. Never in my life would I have believed what that one signature would mean. It was an invitation to join an online women's group called "Simply Enchanting Angels." I went to their site and looked around. I had just had a very devastating week at work, my online business attempt was faltering, I had a flare up of shingles, and was feeling a little blue ... and here's a group of women who are supporting one another in many ways. I decided to take the plunge and filled out all the needed information and submitted my site. Within just a short time I was getting a barrage of emails welcoming me to the organization. Since that time I've chatted with a number of the angels and every last one of them has been warm, friendly, and helpful. This page is dedicated to them.

If An Angel Is Someone

If an angel is someone
who's so filled with love,
it's a gift that they constantly share
If an angel is someone
who looks out for others
and gives them a nudge here or there,
If an angel is someone
who touches your life
with a heart that's both joyful and wise,
Then even though you
don't have halo or wings,
you're an angel in human disguise!

~ Emily Matthews ~

One of the committees I belong to is the PSP Workshop Committee. There, with the help of the terrific leader and assistants, I'm learning to use my Paint Shop Pro properly. I'd only used it for resizing pictures and with my scanner because I didn't know how everything worked. I've surprised myself with how much I've learned. You can view my weekly assignments on my homework page.

I was also a member of the Kitchen Cupids Committee where I had to submit a recipe once a week according to a specific theme. I'm still a member, but I'm also the leader of the committee. It's interesting to see the variety of recipes that are turned in from around the globe. Sometimes, there's a difference in what ingredients are called and I'm off to the web to find out what it is. (Those of you in the US know what castor sugar is?)

I'm now also a member of the Tubin' Angels Committee where we make Paint Shop Pro tubes for the other Angels in SEA.

There are numerous committees, each of which does something different. I had numerous entries in my Guest book from the Welcoming Committee. I was spoiled for two weeks by a member of the Angel on Your Shoulder Committee. I had a page and Guest book made for my birthday by a member of the Occasions committee. I won an award for an event put on by the Events committee. These angels are all very open, loving, and caring. I feel honored to belong to an organization such as this. If this sounds like the type of online organization you'd like to belong to, click on my member button below to go to the SEA home page.

Below you'll find links to the different pages I've either made, or had made for me as a member of SEA. You'll find my PSP Workshop homework pages, my Kitchen Cupid page, links to the gifts and awards I've received, the page I made for my Secret Angel, and so on.

UPDATE: On October 20, 2003, after many hours agonizing over a decision, I resigned from SEA. Although there are many wonderful women in this organization, it's leadership needs to look within to see how she is treating other people. Nothing was said or done to me personally, but I've watched others be hurt for simple mistakes and misunderstandings. I'll be forever grateful for the love and support I've received from the loving members.


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